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2017 Publishing Challenge August Update – Getting Ready to Get Started

It’s the end of August and that means time for an update on the 2017 Publishing Challenge. Well then, my update … progress has been a bit slower than I’d like, which is disappointing. I fully intended to finish plotting for August and for the most part it is but right now, I still have to finish plotting the chapters. I do have everything I need to get started and I can technically start writing out tomorrow but I like to go into even more detail in the chapters before I write as, from past experience, the writing goes a lot quicker when I know what needs to be covered in each chapter.

September I think could go both ways. I could get bogged down in the chapter level plotting or I could finish the next week and finally get started. I’m really hoping for the latter but we’ll see. Sometimes, these things can go by really fast and sometimes like I said I get bogged down especially when I forget what I intended to do for a certain part of the plot. That actually happens to me and I have to scour my notes at what I wanted to do since I thought up of the idea a few weeks or even months back.

To end the update, I’ve been reading up on ‘how to get a literary agent’ articles and videos. It’s been a couple years since I last attempted to get a literary agent and it’s always good to look at the experiences of people who has actually gotten one. Still, getting a literary agent isn’t really the end goal as a book deal is but for a writer trying to get one from the major publishers, getting a literary agent is step 1 or at least one of the step 1’s.

YouTube has author Alexa Donne talking about getting not one but two literary agents with the first one not panning out. Her first literary agent couldn’t sell her book to publishers and they parted amicably. She persevered, however, and eventually got a second literary agent and a publishing deal, a YA sci fi book (same genre as me!) pitched as ‘Jane Eyre in space.’

There’s other articles and resources I found but I’m getting ahead of myself seeing as how I’m only in the manuscript phase. So right now, I have to finish plotting and then it’s the manuscript writing phase. All the groundwork has helped me in the past with a speeded up writing phase. My last manuscript I wrote in four months with about the same level of groundwork as my current one. I actually started November/December of last year but that was the research phase and had to read up on the subject which I think took me one or two months or so.

Alright, let’s hope I make more progress on my September update!






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