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2017 Publishing Challenge Sept/October Update – ….


Well, I did a bad thing. I was all set to write the YA sci-fi novel after weeks of planning. It was off and on so it wasn’t like I was intensely planning the sci-fi novel, it was more of the ideas came when they came, but after almost finishing the planning phase … I decided I wanted to write the fantasy novel that’s been in my head instead.

Throughout that time of planning the sci-fi novel, I kept saying it to myself that once this book is done, I can finally get to my fantasy novel! Or I kept imagining writing the fantasy novel with the sci-fi novel, a trilogy even, already done and spoken for, which of course wasn’t the case at all. I was even getting excited about the fantasy novel … if only my current book was done.

So that leaves the big D’oh moment and I realized I actually wanted to write the fantasy novel first. I did this before earlier in the year when I switched but I switched back when I got more ideas for the sci-fi novel. I don’t regret switching back but I lost a lot of time had I stayed instead of switching back and forth like I’ve been doing.

Ok so right now, I’m finishing up the planning for the fantasy novel and I’ll sort of do a hybrid where I plan a few chapters at a time and immediately write them. I’d at least like to finish the manuscript by the end of the year but that would mean the 2017 Publishing Challenge becomes the 2018 Publishing Challenge. It’s already October so I don’t think I’ll meet my goal but a finished manuscript wouldn’t be a bad consolation prize. Not bad at all.

Alright, hopefully by the November update, I’ll report on my progress, and I mean progress on the manuscript and not just planning, on the fantasy novel. Until next time, then, wish me luck!





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