About Me

Web Developer

Hi, I work as a web developer focusing on wordpress web development. I know several languages like Javascript and PHP and I hope to add other languages like Ruby to my reportoire in the future!


I’m also a writer of speculative fiction (science fiction and fantasy). I’ve written some fanfiction, but this year, I hope to get published by the major publishers. I’m writing about it on my blog on my progress and whether I can meet this lofty goal …

My Treehouse Badges

These are the latest badges I earned from Treehouse. Team Treehouse is an instructional website featuring how to videos for web development including Javascript, Python, and all sorts of other languages. It’s sort of like Netflix for web developers. If you’d like to learn more about web development, I highly recommend the website. There’s a monthly fee but it’s not that expensive ($25 a month for the regular version, $50 a month for the pro version) and it’s saved me a bunch of time instead of having to scour the internet for how-to videos.

Team Treehouse