2017 Challenge

2017 Publishing Challenge Sept/October Update – ….

  Well, I did a bad thing. I was all set to write the YA sci-fi novel after weeks of planning. It was off and on so it wasn’t like …

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2017 Publishing Challenge August Update – Getting Ready to Get Started

It’s the end of August and that means time for an update on the 2017 Publishing Challenge. Well then, my update … progress has been a bit slower than I’d …

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2017 Publishing Challenge July Update – I Switched Back!

I’ve been putting this off because I haven’t made as much progress as I’d like. There’s a good reason because I switched back to the YA sci-fi novel … I …

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2017 Publishing Challenge June Update!

June’s almost over but there’s still time for a June update! Ok let’s see. I am behind but I’m done plotting the overall plot and the chapters of the book. …

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2017 Publishing Challenge May Update – Change of Plans!!!

Haven’t updated this writing blog in a while, but in a change of plans, I switched my manuscript from the YA sci-fi novel to a fantasy novel I’ve been wanting …

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The 2017 Publishing Challenge!

Welcome to my brand new website! The previous version of this website was a complete mess but I finally buckled down for a full revamp and here it is. I …

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