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2017 Publishing Challenge May Update – Change of Plans!!!

Haven’t updated this writing blog in a while, but in a change of plans, I switched my manuscript from the YA sci-fi novel to a fantasy novel I’ve been wanting to write. The fantasy novel didn’t come out of the blue, I’ve always meant to write it after the YA sci fi novel but I decided to switch out the writing order and write the fantasy novel first instead.

Basically, I got stuck plotting the YA sci-fi novel, and when I tried to plot, my thoughts always went back to the fantasy novel. So I came to the conclusion that I probably want to write the fantasy novel more than the YA novel. I still plan to write the YA sci-fi novel but just after writing the fantasy novel.

Fortunately, I’ve already got the high level plot and the characters (mostly) done for the fantasy novel. I’ve been doing that the past month or so and now I have to concentrate on the individual scenes. From writing my previous manuscripts, I’ve learned years ago it’s much better to plot out the scenes beforehand instead of writing by the seat of your pants.

As for the publishing challenge, it’s still my goal! It’s already May and I still have to write out the manuscript … realistically, I’ll spend this month plotting but we’ll see. I’ll update next month, June which is halfway done with the year, and give an update to my progress then. Until next time then, the clock is ticking …



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