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2017 Publishing Challenge June Update!

June’s almost over but there’s still time for a June update! Ok let’s see. I am behind but I’m done plotting the overall plot and the chapters of the book. I’m now currently doing the individual scenes and I’ve scheduled it to be completed this week and maybe (probably?) next week. After that, I’ve calculated 14 weeks to write the manuscript with a first draft done at about October. I could finish before then but I’ve set a leisurely pace (or at least, I hope) to make sure that I don’t get discouraged by blown deadlines.

Like I said, I’m a bit behind with where I want to be but I’m still happy with my progress. In my last update, this book was hazy and amorphous and I didn’t really know where it was going or how it was going to end. I didn’t even know some of the character names or what they were going to do in the book. I did have hazy bits of scenes and possible plotlines but in my last update, it was not at all coherent.

Now, the main plot is done and the scenes are there, though not fully fleshed out which I’m currently doing. I do have my road map as it were and I’m fully confident this manuscript has what it takes to go all the way! Of course, I thought that about my other manuscript, the one before my last one … but I have the benefit of hindsight now … maybe … hopefully … probably not? Really, who knows but this wouldn’t be a challenge if the outcome was already known. Still, I can’t help but get a little excited. I can afford myself a little confidence I think until the possible (probable?) crushing disappointment coming later this year …

What I do know is my skin will be so much thicker now. My previous manuscript, I tell you, got so many rejections as in I started to run out of literary agents to contact. I even had contacted literary agents outside the fantasy genre into those representing “commercial” which I now know, begrudgingly, is a big no no. Apparently, genre is really important in the literary agent world and they’re leery of genre mixing. Another tip: a lot of agents respond in the first few days either with rejections or requests. If they don’t respond right away, it’s most likely a no response/rejection. I think it’s due to assistants, at least in the bigger literary agencies mostly in New York, triaging query letters and what I learned is there’s not a lot of literary agents out there especially when you whittle it down to your specific genre.

Well, that’s for another post. Right now, I’m in the manuscript writing stage. Until the July update, I hope to be farther along in my progress and getting closer to finishing the 2017 Publishing Challenge!









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