Recommended Resources

Recommended Resources:

  1. The Ebook Design and Development Guide by Paul Salvette – If you were to buy just one more resource, I’d recommend this book. It covers just about everything but the book is dense. After reading the tutorial on this website, you should have enough of a background that this book won’t be as intimidating.
  2. The Zen of Ebook Formatting by Guido Henkel – A good resource especially for formatting examples to emulate. Definitely recommend.
  3. Ebook Formatting KF8, Mobi, & Epub by Matt Harrison – Harrison is an actual computer programmer so he knows his stuff (as are Paul Salvette and Guido Henkel). This book mainly has formatting examples and shows you the code to achieve the example. Not a beginner book but a good resource if you’re seeking more formatting tricks.
Youtube clips and other learning guides
  1. Paul Salvette – Full Ebook Production Workflow Tutorial – EPUB and Mobi/KF8
  2. Kpcbte152 – Writing Relative Paths
  3. Codeacademy – HTML & CSS
  1. W3C Markup Validation Service – A site to validate your html files
  2. W3schools – A place to practice your css and html
  3. Parts of a Book by Joel Friedlander
  4. JW Manus – Calibre and Kindle, Not a Good Match
  5. Epub Validator
  6. bbebooks Thailand
Download links

Notepad ++


Kindle Previewer

Adobe Digital Editions

zip.exe – click zip.exe where it says “to create zip files on the command line.”

bbebooks Thailand Templates

Doctype declarations – “XHTML Boilerplate for Ebooks”

bbebooks Thailand’s stylesheet templates

bbebooks Thailand’s epub files, opf, and ncx templates