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The 2017 Publishing Challenge!

Welcome to my brand new website! The previous version of this website was a complete mess but I finally buckled down for a full revamp and here it is. I do like the way this website looks now and for my first blog post, I’d like to announce the 2017 challenge …

This year, for the 2017 challenge, I’d like to announce the goal of getting a publishing deal from one of the major publishers. I’ve done this before for a previous manuscript that didn’t quite make it so I’m not completely green to the publishing process. As a sort of game plan, I first have to secure a literary agent which I had done for the previous manuscript but I never got past that stage. Presumably, the literary agent would then shop the manuscript to publishers in hopes of getting a deal. There’s also other paths to publishing like self publishing or contacting editors of publishing houses directly but I’ll go with the literary agent route for this challenge. You can actually get a publishing deal from self publishing if you’re book does well enough and there’s been some self publishing success stories like The Martian by Andy Weir. Still, the literary agent route seems like a more straight line process though with lot of pitfalls as I’ve found out previously in my first attempt a few years back, but they don’t call it a challenge for nothing. As for contacting publishing houses directly, most publishing houses require a writer to go through a literary agent as a sort of winnowing process but there are  a few publishing houses that you can contact directly. It requires sending a manuscript directly or whatever directions they ask for and then crossing your fingers. I tried this approach for the aforementioned previous manuscript but couldn’t get past the querying stage there either :(. It was a good learning experience, however, and one I hope will set me up well for this challenge.

So 2017 publishing challenge, get a publishing deal but there’s a catch – I haven’t written the book yet. I know what the book is about and it’s a young adult (YA) science fiction novel geared towards teenagers. I’ve done the research though so it’s just a matter of writing the manuscript.

Over the next few months, I’ll be writing about my progress on both the manuscript and then after that, the querying process. Will I succeed on getting a publishing deal or will it suffer the same fate as my previous manuscript? Well, we’ll find out in the coming year!




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